Building Blocs

A blog about the mechanics of elections in Canada: votes, candidates, dollars, and so on. Projections, models, insights.

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Party Democracy

A blog about the internal democracy of political parties in Canada: candidate nominations, policy development, and so on.

Signs Your Organization is Authoritarian (Part 1: Deflecting Criticism)

Authoritarianism isn’t always obvious. Sometimes, it infects an organization slowly, progressing for years before members realize (or admit) what has happened. If you’ve ever had a gut feeling that something just isn’t right with your organization’s leadership, think back to the last time a memberContinue reading “Signs Your Organization is Authoritarian (Part 1: Deflecting Criticism)”

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Power and Mind

A blog about how power works, how we share it, and how our minds get in the way. Political psychology, economics, and so on.

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The Undercurrent

A blog about the hidden messages, motivations and alliances behind the political events of the day. (Coming soon)

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Miscellaneous Posts

A week before the GPC convention, a poll puts them at 10%. What’s the real story?

An article published September 21st on carried the headline More Canadians than ever support Green Party. Reporting on an EKOS poll, the article quoted pollster Frank Graves as saying the party was “doing as well as they ever have”, with support “around 10 points”, andContinue reading “A week before the GPC convention, a poll puts them at 10%. What’s the real story?”

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