Green Party of Canada Historical Election Results

Some folks on social media have asked how the Green Party’s result in this election compares to past years. Here’s a chart:

YearLeaderPopular voteSeats
1984-2000Trevor Hancock,
Seymour Trieger,
Chris Lea,
Joan Russow
2004Jim Harris4.32%0
2006Jim Harris4.48%0
2008Elizabeth May6.80%0
2011Elizabeth May3.91%1
2015Elizabeth May3.45%1
2019Elizabeth May6.50%3

Are Singh’s “Four Points of Difference” Between the Greens and NDP Legitimate?

During the Maclean’s–CityTV leader’s debate on September 12th 2019, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh contrasted his party with the Greens by naming four alleged points of difference between the parties. Are those differences legitimate?

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