Decade of Decline, Part 1.1: The Collapse of Local Contributions

Since 2007, the Green Party of Canada has experienced a severe decrease in contributions to its EDAs (riding associations), with the losses now totaling more than 80% of both dollars and contributors. The trend has remained negative through 2017. (This post is the first part of Decade of Decline, my report detailing the collapse of grassrootsContinue reading “Decade of Decline, Part 1.1: The Collapse of Local Contributions”

Decade of Decline: The Collapse of Green Party Grassroots Support, 2008-2017

Decade of Decline is my report on the deep and long-running decline in local support for the Green Party of Canada. The decline began in 2008 (with some early warning signs in 2006-2007), and has continued relentlessly since then. As of 2017-18, the party’s local support is at its lowest level in 15 years.

Green Party Vote Result Mirrors Partisan Ballot Comments

In an earlier post, I reported that the Green Party of Canada had taken the unusual measure of adding partisan commentary directly on its ballots for this year’s pre-convention voting. The pre-convention vote has now been tallied, and the results closely match the partisan ballot comments. How should this be interpreted?

Signs Your Organization is Authoritarian (Part 1: Deflecting Criticism)

Authoritarianism isn’t always obvious. Sometimes, it infects an organization slowly, progressing for years before members realize (or admit) what has happened. If you’ve ever had a gut feeling that something just isn’t right with your organization’s leadership, think back to the last time a member criticized the organization. How did the leaders respond? Did theyContinue reading “Signs Your Organization is Authoritarian (Part 1: Deflecting Criticism)”

Green Party of Canada Includes Partisan Comments on Internal Ballots

(Update August 22: For a follow-up comparing the outcome of the vote to the ballot comments, see Green Party vote result mirrors partisan ballot comments.) (Update June 21: For a follow-up post explaining in detail the problems with ballot-box commentary, see Why ballot box commentary cannot work.) Today I received some surprising news from friends of mineContinue reading “Green Party of Canada Includes Partisan Comments on Internal Ballots”